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The Daylight Impressionists

SunTouch Plus
The Power of Therapy. The Art of Light

NatureBright's SunTouch Plus with Sky Effect Technology uses 10,000-lux light therapy to give energy, treat winter blues, pregnancy depression, & elderly depression.

Square One
Travel Light. Travel Bright.

NatureBright's Square Wake-Up Light combines 10,000-lux light therapy with a small, portable design. Now Verified to treat Jet Lag.

Sky Effect Light
Energize Your Life

T5 fluorescent lamps use Sky Effect Technology. It's light therapy that can lift your co-workers' moods and provide energy — improving productivity and morale.

Per2 LED Daylight Lamp
Not Your Regular Lamp

The Per2 goes beyond the average desk lamp as it simulates a naturalistic environment through its careful calibration and changing color temperatures. Its capabilities include enhancing alertness, concentration and energy to keep your body at a natural rhythm.