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Our Products
SunTouch Plus Harnesses the healing powers of the blue sky $99.99
Per2 Simulates naturalistic daylight rhythm from dawn to dusk, regulating our body's inner clock for better sleep and well being. $119.00
Square One Wake Up Light Small size, big result! $129.99
Sky Effect Light Sky Effect industrial lighting makes a dull day shine $239.99

Light Therapy Solutions for..

...when you're feeling SAD

Not in your nature to be down in the dumps? Are you usually a bubbly, "up" kind of person? Perhaps your spirit is willing but your body is struggling against that depressing gray gloom right outside your door.

...pregnancy & postpartum

When you're carrying a child, sometimes it feels like you're carrying the weight of the world. And when the baby is born, you are. Now, thanks to our light therapy products, it's natural to discover your equilibrium again and start experiencing the joys of motherhood.

...the empty nest

Feeling down these days? Kids have flown the coop, knees are a little creaky, wrinkles are less shy... but don't despair. Look at the effects of the years in a different light - bright light therapy from NatureBright. And you'll understand: this could be the best time of your life. lighting

Of all the motivational tools available to today's businesses, perhaps none is more brilliant than our Sky Effect industrial lighting. It makes a dull day shine, and a sunny day positively radiate with possibility!