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Sun Frame
Increase productivity with style

The Sun Frame is a light therapy breakthrough that illuminates artwork with a changing continuum of light. Its large size (40.8” by 30.8”) and dazzling brightness (10,000 lux) are enough to make the Sun Frame stand out. Unlike other individual light therapy devices, the Sun Frame can illuminate offices and support the circadian rhythms of entire teams. But what makes the Sun Frame truly revolutionary is its ability to mimic natural sunlight. We partnered with Duke University researchers to develop the Sun Frame’s SkyEffect technology, which slowly shifts from energizing blue light in the morning to calming red light in the evening. This is truly human-centric lighting.

With Sun Frame, you can promote higher energy levels, see increased productivity, and enjoy enhanced mood. Sun Frame’s light therapy and elegant artwork combine to create a therapeutic indoor environment that is perfect for any interior design. Clients and employees alike will be drawn to this rejuvenating innovation.

  1. Delivers sophisticated light therapy, focused on the biological clock.
  2. Maximum benefits in minimal spacer. All you need to enjoy improved health is wall space.
  3. Choose from five frame styles, to match your décor.
  4. Automatically adjusts to match the time of day, maximizing productivity.
  5. Select from dozens of images by world-renowned artists, or customize with your own image.
  6. Change out artwork in seconds. The Sun Frame’s easy-open hinge makes it a breeze.
  7. Energy miser. The Sun Frame draws less energy than a standard light bulb.
  8. Remote control capable of adjusting light output on single or multiple Sun Frames.
  9. Adjustable timing. Set the Sun Frame to your schedule.
  • Frame is made of aluminum with state of the art etch anodizing or wood sublimating effects as an option. Museum quality and very elegant. 30H x 40W x 2D inches.

  • "Don't count the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away” So, which breathless moment will you frame? Browse Gallery

  • Every high-resolution image is printed with state-of-the-art LED Diffusion to reflect the best quality light. See Instructions

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Price : $998.00 Each
Price : $998.00 Each
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Stream sunshine into your office every day of the year

Brighten your workspace and your workday.

You know that feeling on days when the sun’s pouring in the windows? It takes the edge off meetings. It helps you power through e-mail. You just feel better. Wouldn’t it be great to bring that sensation to every day, not just a few months out of the year?

Become more productive with the latest technology.

The Sun Frame’s design is rooted both in new discoveries about the way light interacts with our eyes, and the positive impact art can have on us. Research shows that if we ignore these relationships, we’ll have a harder time realizing our full potential or maintaining optimal performance.

Largest light therapy device on the market.

The Sun Frame is multifunctional. Not only is it a one- of-a kind- frame that adds elegance to your environment, but also it may be simply used as a light therapy device. In collaboration with Duke University researchers the SunFrame is powered by our SkyEffect™ technology which features powerful 10,000 lux bright light therapy. Experience the Sun Frame with a group of people such as family, friends or clients so everyone can enjoy bright light therapy!

  • It’s big!

    Your guests might mistake it for a window.

    The perfect centerpiece for any office decor.

  • It’s bright!

    Bring sunshine into your office, despite the weather.

    Illuminate your office and captivate every passing eye.


Sunlight: A Natural Competitive Advantage

Many of us spend the majority of our time working indoors, deprived of natural sunlight. This can make us sluggish and unmotivated.

By providing offices and other corporate spaces with beautiful works of art, illuminated by SkyEffect™ Technology, Nature Bright lends these environments an uplifting and invigorating charge to help you and your team make the most of your workday.

  • NatureBright-Sunframe

    Reset your biological clock

    The Sun Frame supplements your body’s need for natural light, helping get it back to a more vigorous state. Without it, you may be susceptible to ‘moodiness’ or irritability.

  • NatureBright-Sunframe""

    Restore your body’s natural balance

    If you’re exposed to the wrong type of light at the wrong time of day, your body can become confused and react in ways that clash with natural rhythms. Use the Sun Frame to help your body back into balance.

  • NatureBright-Sunframe

    Chemical Free

    With diet and exercise, your body should have virtually all it needs for optimal energy and relaxation. With natural, well-timed exposure to natural daylight, you can help your body take care of the rest.

Additional Benefits

  1. Resets your body’s circadian rhythm
  2. Enhances productivity and energy levels
  3. Promotes concentration and learning skills
  4. Easy on the eyes

Visit our DISCOVER PAGE to learn about all of the awesome benefits of light therapy.

Model Number: M4040
Frame material: Aluminum with Anodized finish
Frame dimensions: 41 x 31 x 1.9 inches
Weight: 32 LBs
Power input: AC 100 – 240V 60/50Hz
Remote control with 2.4G wireless transmission (Single or multiple frame control option)  
Diffusion sheet dimensions: 40 x 30 x 0.118 inches
Product Credentials

Innovation Award 2014 Finalist

Get the right light at the right time of day

Natural light changes throughout the day. Shouldn’t our office’s lighting change, too?

    1. Blue Light
    2. Sunrise

    In the morning, high concentrations of blue light occur naturally, telling the brain that it’s morning and time to be alert, and setting our body clock for the day.

    1. Other Light
    2. Mid-day

    As the blue fades from the day’s light, our bodies become sluggish and the classic after-lunch lull settles in, gradually slowing our minds.

    1. Soft Light
    2. Sunset

    By dusk, there is no naturally occurring blue light. When the internal signals of the body clock are in sync with external cues of day and night, our bodies begin to help us prepare for a good night’s rest.

  • Remote Control

    Adjust the Sun Frame’s performance to match the moment. If you get to the office early, turn it up to propel your productive mood. Staying late? Dim that light so you have an easier time getting to bed.

  • Easy Automation

    Set your Sun Frame to your schedule. You’ll always have the light that you need to be most productive. It can even be scheduled to turn on or off.

Leverage the power of art for your office

It’s your Sun Frame. It should reflect your style. Choose from a selection of world-class art and photography to personalize your Sun Frame, and the impression you want to make.


Enliven your day with illuminated art

Art enhances our lives in many ways. With all that there is to gain, who wouldn’t want a beautiful piece of art in their office that also reflects their style? The benefits are clear, and so is the choice.

  • On grey days like today, I’m thankful for my @NatureBright SunTouchPlus. I totally believe in the power of light and ion therapy.

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  • It’s working like a charm, well made, well priced. I’m very happy with the purchase.

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  • My cats (who of course love the sun) also love my SunTouchPlus!

    - Phillip Jenks @Phillip_Jenks (via Twitter) -

  • The studio is now lit with natural light :) We’re writing brighter songs with no arguments! #NatureBright

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  • The price was reasonable, I definitely recommend- especially for winter!

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  • I’m pretty sure the #SunTouchPlus is helping, I skipped it for 2 days of accident & have felt like poo all day & have no energy.

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  • My best friend for winter basement living. It’s supposed to mimic natural sunlight and it’s for reals helped me out. #MoreEnergy #SunTouchPlus

    - Heather Perry @heatherannperry (via Instagram) -

  • I really like it! I started noticing the difference within a week or so! I started with 30 mins every day now I use it 30 mins every other morning when I have my coffee, it’s great!

    - Katie Marie @theliteraryfiles (via Instagram) -

  • The happier way to watch TV in the winter. #SunTouchPlus

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  • Depression I will slay you with my SunTouchPlus beam of righteousness!

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  • At first I was a little skeptical about the concept of light therapy, but after a few weeks I have fallen in love with all of my @NatureBright products!

    - Seth Eldridge @steldridge (via Twitter) -

  • Winter can be very long and lack of sunshine can clearly get ones spirit down but with this it’s like medicine and sun on a cloudy day all put together in one neat little light box. Well worth the money. I am very pleased as well impressed with this product.

    - Lesli Skye @Lesli_Rene (via Twitter/Amazon) -

  • Up early and using my @NatureBright sun lamp. Less a promo for Nature Bright, more a promo for #MentalHealth.

    - Todd Devlin @todddevlin (via Twitter) -

  • Thanks @NatureBright for making this grey day not so SAD (pun intended)!

    - Nutritional Wisdom @nutiritionalwids (via Twitter) -

  • What can I say, it works! I use it in the morning for 30 minutes while I check emails.

    - Sara Lane (via Amazon) -

  • I'm not a morning person, but I find myself actually looking forward to going to work in the morning just so I can sit next to the lamp.

    - Cay (via Amazon) -

  • I purchased it three years ago and it’s a game changer!

    - Rich McLaughlin @RichMcLaughlin (via Twitter) -

  • Best gift ever! Literally happiness in a box. #NatureBright #LightTherapy

    - Louise Viloria @louiseviloria (via Twitter) -

  • I have tested the Nature Bright light and found it to be an asset to my daily living. On a rainy or gloomy day, when I put the light on, it definitely enhances my mood.

    - Lois Wright (via Amazon) -

  • It wakes me up feeling rested at such early hours, and keeps me alert throughout my 13 hour work day. Great product, I would recommend it for everyone! :)

    - amazonreview (via Amazon) -

  • This was the only thing that helped me cure my chronic depression. Definitely get it.

    - J. Bangerter (via Amazon) -

  • I love it. Winter in Wisconsin seems to last forever, and this winter I have my own little piece of sunshine!

    - Vonner2 (via Amazon) -

  • I purchased the NatureBright SunTouch Plus in the winter. After 4 days, I felt better. More energy, improved mood, less anxiety and it even alleviated my backpain, which I think was associated with the the endorphins kicking in.

    - J. E. Hanssen (via Amazon) -

  • I'm more energized than ever, and even hiked twice in the last week, 3 hours each time. My energy levels are wonderful, I'm sleeping real well, and I wake up feeling GOOD. This light works for so many different things, from pain to depression, and even anxiety. I would recommend if you have any of the above, use it all year round. I don't know, but I like the ionizer smell. It is a sweet smell, just like the first days of spring, when you can catch a whiff of that "certain something" in the air? It is not a chemical smell, but a sweet, spring like smell. I love it:)

    - J. E. Hanssen (via Amazon) -

  • I have used several different SAD lights in the past. I find this one to be one of the most effective, the most thoughtfully designed, the most convenient, and the most affordable (for a true SAD light, not an imitator). Most effective: As they say, the proof is in the pudding. This light simply works. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and always get hit very hard with depression starting in early fall through the winter season here in Wisconsin. I used a friend's SunTouch Plus light last winter and it helped a lot, so this winter I got my own. I don't understand exactly how it works, but it definitely does. I also seem to get a positive effect from the ionizer function. Most thoughtfully designed and most convenient: This is a very compact unit. Unlike the big, bulky light boxes, I can easily carry it from one place to another in my home. When using my laptop I can easily position the unit on one side for a period of time and then easily move it to the other side so that both eyes get the same amount of light. The angle is just right for use at my computer desk, my dining room table, and on an end table in my living room. The timer is great, and can be set to 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes and it will turn off by itself. I don't have to be preoccupied looking at a clock or setting a separate timer. The most affordable: I have tried less expensive alternatives, but they tend to not be true SAD lights. This one is a true SAD light, not a cheap imitator. It is priced right though -- currently on Amazon it's around $125, which is about half of what other SAD lights and light boxes cost.

    - Kevin K. Fosler (via Amazon) -

  • The Light Therapy Model is a miracle. It has made a big difference in my life. As a disabled person, I get little or no sun at all all year. This machine has made a big difference in my life and attitude. Thank you.

    - Myna L. Evans (via Amazon) -

  • I cannot believe how wonderful this product is. If I knew, I would have bought it years ago!

    - J. Davies (via Amazon) -

  • I have had SEVERE depression for years which is year-round, plus I become almost non-functional during the winter months due to the cummulative effect of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I am a nurse, and always research everything, and have been considering buying one of these for a few years. Boy, do I wish I would have gotten this years ago! With this having two treatments in one, (the light plus the negative ionization therapy), I think that it probably works better than just the light alone. I am still blown away with how powerful it is, and how it literally changes the way my brain thinks!

    - Lisa Hughes (via Amazon) -

  • The Skyeffect Lamp has been AMAZING for me, and (thus far) is keeping my depression from dipping too low. It has kept me in better spirits, and helps to keep my circadian rhythm in check. My town can be gray, and I live in an apartment complex where no direct sunlight filters into my place, so this has been immensely helpful.

    - MamaC (via Amazon) -

  • I have had winter SAD for a long time and if I knew the enormous difference this thing would have made I could have saved myself many seasons of suffering. Within a few days my mood has done a complete 180! I feel like "my old self" again! Thanks Naturebright your product has changed my life and I dont ever want to go without it again.

    - J. Bowley (via Amazon) -

  • Got this for my daughter for the winters here in IL. After 2 days she said she had enough energy to take the dog for a walk! When she doesn't use it for a few days she claims she is tired, crabby, and short-tempered. She is happier, more energetic and even has the energy to exercise. Beats pills and therapists and costs alot less too!

    - Cheryl Schmidt (via Amazon) -

  • This unit is well priced and has lasted me 3-4 years without any change in functionality. I use it for upwards of 15 minutes a day in the morning when I eat breakfast. Simple to operate. It's nice that it's angled slightly upward. Not much more to say -- it just works and does its job simply and quietly.

    - Aaron Shaver (via Amazon) -