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LED Human Centric Lighting
Boost productivity with circadian friendly lighting

Get better performance from your employees by giving them better light. With our energizing, patent-pending SkyEffect™ lighting, your staff will approach their work as if they were outside on a summer’s day. Don’t let a lack of windows or inferior fluorescent lighting put a drag on their efficiency. Light your workspace to help restore energy and concentration.


  • Uses algorithm developed in sleep lab to master lights to mimic natural skylight cycle over the course of time during a day
  • State of the art LED panels
  • Stylish touch-screen control panel to tune light color temperature, brightness, or simply choose automatic program
  • Clinically proven supportive to body's inner circadian rhythm
  • Available in: 24 X 24 inches and 24 X 48 inches
  • Color temperatures: 2700K - 8000K
  • Life span up to 100,000 hours

  • Benefits
    • Ideal for hospital, school, office, gym and yoga studio
    • Resets the body’s circadian rhythm
    • Enhances productivity and energy levels
    • Promotes concentration and learning skills
    • Easy on the eyes.
    Model Number: A2424 (24 X 24 inches) A2448 (24 X 48 inches)
    Case contains:5 LED Panels
    Energy used:30 to 70 Watts
    Light Output:3000 - 7000 lumens
    Life:100,000 hours
    Color Temperature:2700 to 8000 Kelvin
    Color Rendering Index:90
    Power:100 to 270 Volt