Replace Your Fluorescent Lighting with SkyEffect Lights

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Lighting in the workplace is a big deal for employees, as it affects various aspects of their performance. There’s a reason why workers covet corner offices and those with windows. When you have quality lighting, workers and clients might not give it a second thought. Bad lighting—lighting that’s too bright, dim or annoying—is all it takes to reduce productivity, increase discomfort, and make workers feel less content and more tired. Poor lighting also reduces self-motivation and sales. By using natural light for office space solutions, like with Nature Bright’s SkyEffect lighting, you’ll provide your employees the energizing lighting they crave and the company will grow closer to achieving its goals.

The Implications of Artificial Lighting


The human body uses light to regulate different functions, from circadian rhythms to emotions. When the eyes sense light, they communicate with the brain. In response, the brain regulates cortisol and melatonin levels, depending on the amount of light sensed. When you’re outdoors, your body uses the sun as a cue about when it’s time to sleep or be awake. In the workplace, the eyes may receive mixed messages from fluorescent lighting.


With humans spending more time indoors than ever before, conventional fluorescent lighting is linked to issues such as increased employee absences, headaches, eyestrain, reduced mental alertness and increased staff turnover. Without exposure to natural light-dark cycles, sleep-wake cycles experience interruptions that are as long as two hours a day, which could lead to chronic sleep debt. Employees who experience this disorder feel chronically tired and are less likely to perform at optimal levels.

Natural Light for Office Space Solution


Moving to a new building or remodeling isn’t always a realistic option. By mimicking natural light with the use of light therapy products, a company can support its workers’ health, natural biorhythms, sense of satisfaction and motivation, and productivity.


SkyEffect light are LED panels that mimic natural sunlight, creating the illusion of skylights. Over the course of a day, the intensity of the lights and their wavelengths change, similar to the sun. A control panel allows a user to set an automatic program or manually adjust the light’s brightness or color temperature.


The LEDs in SkyEffect lights stay cool, require little maintenance and have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. The lights never flicker or produce excessive glares. They are energy efficiency, and the positive results that they produce in the workplace make the lights more cost effective than not using them at all.

Benefits of Natural Light in the Workplace


Numerous scientific studies prove that natural light is better for the body and mind. Exposure to the right types of light at the right times of day appropriately regulate heart function, metabolic health, mental health and circadian rhythms. They best types of light during the day are those that have shorter white and blue wavelengths. In the evening, dim lights and those with red wavelengths help the body prepare to sleep. At night, darkness is best because it allows the mind and body to rest.


When the lighting in an office is similar to natural light levels, employee morale increases and workers feel more content. This leads to human performance benefits, such as higher levels of motivation, productivity, output and employee retention.


Natural daylight is variable and unpredictable. By installing natural lighting solutions at the workplace, employees will receive more exposure to lighting that’s therapeutic and promotes a healthy, productive environment. Contact NatureBright to learn more about its SkyEffect systems.

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