How Hotels Can Help Traveling Execs Improve Their Stay

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Many hotel guests are individuals who traveled across two or more time zones quickly. The time difference makes them feel jet lagged and uncoordinated. Daylighting for hotels helps reduce the effects of jet lag in guests and helps them feel more comfortable. When guests feel comfortable, they’re more likely to be return visitors, which may earn your hotel a corporate account.

Why Use Daylighting for Hotels


The way that eyes interpret light has a big role in your sleep-wake cycle. When your retinas see light, the photosensitive cells in them send signals to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in the brain’s hypothalamus. In the presence of bright lighting, the SCN tells the pineal gland in the epithalamus to secrete serotonin, which keeps you awaked. When it’s dark, the SCN sends signals to the pineal gland to convert serotonin into melatonin, the hormone that makes you feel sleepy.


In a hotel, guests often do not receive ample exposure to natural light, which may disrupt their circadian rhythms. They use the provided blackout curtains at night to keep their rooms dark, which prevents them from naturally waking with the sunrise. Strategic daylighting exposes guests to the appropriate type of light for the time of day, so they grow more accustomed to the current time zone. For guests who are not jet lagged, daylighting helps them maintain their circadian rhythm in their new, temporary environment.

Additional Benefits of Daylighting for Hotels

• Reduce energy costs

• Reduce eye strain in guests and employees

• Improve worker productivity, efficiency and alertness

• Improve memory recall

• Increase the sense of satisfaction in guests and workers

• Naturally reduce stress

• Decrease employee absenteeism

• Increased guest happiness and satisfaction increases their spending on hotel services, such as room service and at on-site amenities, including restaurants, spas and gift shops

• Increase the value of the property and each room

• Helps guests sleep better, feel more optimistic and have a greater sense of wellbeing


The Sun Frame for Hotels


Nature Bright’s Sun Frame is a light therapy product that illuminates artwork using lights that emit different wavelengths based on the time of day. Nature Bright collaborated with Duke University researchers to develop the SkyEffect technology used in the frame, which mimics natural sunlight. The technology shines energizing blue wavelengths in the morning and slowly shifts to calming red wavelengths in the evening.


At 10,000 lux, the Sun Frame is bright enough to illuminate an entire room while using less electricity than a standard light bulb. This light therapy product is also programmable and customizable, allowing you to set up the sun frame so it begins to illuminate when a guest wants to wake up, mimicking a morning sunrise. Pair the Sun Frame with scenes from around the area to give your guests the ultimate wake-up service. Moreover, take advantage of the adjustable light output to help guests feel less jet lagged. Simply intensify the brightness in the morning or afternoon, depending on their original time zone.


In addition to using the Sun Frame in guest rooms, use it throughout the hotel to create a unified look and incorporate daylighting that benefits workers and visitors alike. Ideas for places to use the Sun Frame include behind the front desk, in the lobby, in the dining room where guests enjoy breakfast, and in business centers.


Nature Bright’s Sun Frame is a unique way to provide traveling executives with a great, comfortable experience at your hotel. Daylighting for hotels give an accommodation a welcoming feel from which all exposed to the light therapy will benefit.


[Photo from Kevin Dooley via CC License 2.0]
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