Benefits of Adding Daylighting Systems to Interior Design

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A well-illuminated room is like a breath of fresh air. Good lighting energizes you, accentuates details affects how you view colors. Daylighting for homes is a hot trend in the interior design industry because it replicates natural daylight, is a sustainable design element and allows a homeowner’s personality to shine. Without it, all the hard work that went into all the design planning and details gets lost in the shadows.

Replicating Natural Daylight


When it comes to lighting, nature does it best. The clarity of natural daylight in a home may seem tricky to replicate, especially in regions that have cloudy or overcast weather, but daylighting systems make this task simpler. An easy way to integrate daylighting for homes is with Nature Bright’s Sun Frame.


The Sun Frame is a light therapy device that illuminates artwork with continual lighting that changes in color and intensity throughout the day, similar to the sun. The frame is bright enough to illuminate a room. Using SkyEffect technologies that are backed by research, the light that shines from the frame supports circadian rhythms, as it mimics natural sunlight. In the morning, the frame displays energizing lights with blue wavelengths that shift to calming lights with red wavelengths in the evening.

Benefits of Daylighting for Healthy Homes


Daylighting systems like the SunFrame:

- Enhance moods

- Promote higher levels of energy

- Increase productivity

- Focus on an individual’s biological clock

- Restore the body’s natural balance

- Promote good sleep hygiene

- Improve sleep quality

- Do not cause eyestrain

- Promotes natural melatonin production and healthy cortisol levels throughout the day

- Have adjustable light outputs and lighting schedules to benefit those who do shift work or work irregular hours

- Support overall physical and emotional health


How Daylighting Systems Improve the Visual Appeal of a Home


- The SunFrame is like a framed work of art that hangs on a wall. It has a slim profile that only requires wall space, making it perfect for smaller rooms.

- The SunFrame is a work of art. Nature Bright has a selection of images that look great in the SunFrame. Clients can also use their own images and swap them out as they please.

- A user has full control over the lighting output and timing.

- The SunFrame uses less energy than a standard light bulb.

- The SunFrame can serve as a focal point or accentuate a focal point in a room, such as a fireplace.

- Daylighting systems supplement natural lighting without heating the space.

- Installing a SunFrame may be more economical and energy efficient than adding another window to a space.


The body naturally takes its cues from the sun. When the sky darkens, it’s time to sleep. When it’s light, it’s time to be active. The best daylighting systems for homes mimic the sun’s intensity and wavelengths to promote healthy biorhythms. Nature Bright’s SunFrame is more than light therapy, it is human-centric lighting.


[Photo from torbakhopper via CC License 2.0]
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