NATUREBRIGHT® LED LAMPS DAZZLE THE STARS Inspiration™ and Clarity™ Skincare Lamps Brighten NBC’s Pre-Emmy Party

Irvine, Ca October 10, 2006 – What do Andrea Bowen, Brenda Strong, and Joy Lauren have in common? Besides being intimately involved with each other as the cast of Desperate Housewives, they all praise NatureBright’s natural light skin care lamps.

Why are the stars beaming about NatureBright lights? NatureBright’s Clarity™ and Inspiration™ holistic skin care lamps were featured products in celebrity gift bags at two recent high profile Hollywood events: the esteemed Pre-Emmy Party, hosted by NBC Universal Television and the 2006 El Sueno de Esperanza Charity Gala held at Wisteria Lane on the Universal Studio’s set of Desperate Housewives.

In addition to these beauties, over 500 celebrities and guests, including comedian Carlos Mencia, actors George Lopez, Mathew Underwood, and Marion Ramsey were treated to a special hands-on demonstration of NatureBright’s Clarity™ or Inspiration Lamp. The response? Very enthusiastic.

“When stars as beautiful as Andrea Bowen praise our product, we feel more than proud. We want everyone to know so they can also take advantage of this specially designed, safe, holistic complexion treatment,” says Joshua Chen, CEO and President of NatureBright home health and wellness light therapy products.

“We designed our products to use the healing properties of light to give people clear, youthful looking complexions so they’ll feel better, more confident, and more self assured. We want to improve people’s quality of life. We’ve discovered how to take scientific research on full spectrum light, and turn it into attractive home products that will also lift spirits and alleviate symptoms of winter depression and jet lag.

How do these products work? The Clarity lamp uses a clinical-proven combination of blue and red frequency light to help erase small wrinkles, eliminate spots and pimples, and restore the skin’s natural moisture and elasticity. In short, comfortable, 15-minute, pain-free treatments each day users can experience a noticeable improvement in their complexion.

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These celebrities are proud to endorse NatureBright’s Clarity Lamp

Andrea Bowen (Actress) Andrea Bowen Andrea Bowen “Julie Mayer” on Desperate Housewives
Brenda Strong (Actress) Brenda Strong (Actress) Brenda Strong (Actress) “Mary Alice Young“ on Desperate Housewives
Matthew Underwood (Actor) Matthew Underwood Matthew Underwood “Logan Reese” on Zoey 101
Carlos Mencia (Comedian) Carlos Mencia Carlos Mencia Mind of Mencia, Comedy Central
George Lopez (Actor and Comedian) George Lopez George Lopez George Lopez
Marion Ramsey (Actress and Comedian) Marion Ramsey Marion Ramsey “Sergeant Hooks“ on Police Academy
Mario Lopez (Actor) Mario Lopez Mario Lopez Saved by the Bell, now appearing on this season of Dancing with the Stars
Fernando del Kincon (News Ancor) Fernando del Kincon Fernando del Kincon Primer Impacto for Latin TV Univision
Maria Bravo (Actress) Maria Bravo Maria Bravo The Bold and the Beautiful for CBS Philanthropist

These celebrities are proud to endorse NatureBright’s Inspiration 3 in1 Therapy Lamp

Maria Bravo (Actress) Maria Bravo Maria Bravo The Bold and the Beautiful for CBS Philanthropist
Joy Lauren (Actress) Joy Lauren Joy Lauren “Danielle Van De Kamp“ on Desperate Housewives

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About NatureBright: Founded in 2001, NatureBright® specializes in LED-based home health and beauty care products. Originally aimed at the treatment of SAD and winter blues, NatureBright® products now also produces natural light complexion treatment lamps, as well as light products to assist individuals with mood and cognitive problems, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), post-partum depression, jet lag, shift work fatigue, and certain types of insomnia. Our mission is to bring safe, effective, and innovative products to market and help people lead happier and healthier lives. NatureBright Products are not medical devices. Individuals with medical conditions should consult a physician for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

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