Irvine, Ca November 28, 2005 -- Winter is coming and about half a million people are expected to be affected, in different degrees, by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of emotional low caused by seasonal variations in light. Those affected by SAD experience depression, a lack of energy and concentration, compulsion to overeat, and a disruption in normal sleep patterns. In more severe cases, SAD can cause a decrease in sexual desire, mood swings, and anxiety.  

“SAD is more common and more disruptive than people like to think,” explains Joshua Chen, CEO and President of NatureBright home health and wellness light therapy products. “But there are affordable, non-invasive therapies that can offset its symptoms. We’ve seen wonders with only 15 minutes of daily bright light treatment, which individuals can get while lying in bed or even when they’re traveling.”

Independent studies have shown that exposure to full spectrum or LED light is effective in treating the common symptoms of SAD. It also helps alleviate symptoms of jet lag and insomnia. In use since the 1980s, light therapy has grown in acceptance and portability. Medical professionals now employ LED light to treat eye injuries and to assist with recovery from brain cancer surgery.

Once administered through large, several hundred-pound light machines, LED light therapy is now available through affordable, transportable, and attractive home table and standing lamps. One leading company specializing in home light therapy products is NatureBright, based in Irvine, CA, with international sales through its online distribution source

NatureBright’s product line includes the Inspiration table lamp, which helps sufferers of SAD alleviate the winter blues at home or in the office. Its attractive and discreet style provides light therapy in two distinct ways. First, its timed light sessions give additional light exposure to those needing to supplement their daily dose of sunshine. It also offers a special digital alarm clock with a programmable dawn simulator, which gradually emits LED light to wake the user.

The dawn simulator, a new form of light therapy, is not only for SAD sufferers. Everyone can benefit from this gentle light input. It helps adjust the body’s internal bio-clock by easing the body from the sleep state into the waking state, naturally. This helps maintain health and “recalibrate” the body’s natural rhythms, particularly when they have been disturbed by unnatural sleep cycles caused by shift-work or long distance travel.

Many frequent travelers have found that LED light can help them control jet lag. NatureBright’s BioClock™ Portable Light Therapy System offers many of the benefits of the Inspiration lamp but in a smaller, multi-purpose model that is convenient to use at home or on the road. The BioClock’s dawn simulator supports the body’s hormonal and biochemical processes, and makes waking up far more pleasant than customary, jarring alarm clocks.

“Adjusting your bio-rhythms through the gradual light release of the BioClock™ and Inspiration Lamp has noticeable effects,” explains Chen. “You can raise your energy, lift your spirits, and return to normal sleep cycles. This greatly increases your overall health and well-being, without negative side effects, or chemical dependencies. It’s beneficial for all ages, safe for seniors, and easy to use.”

For SAD sufferers, a light therapy session couldn’t be simpler to set up. Individuals sit a few feet from the lamp, which is 10 to 20 times brighter than ordinary indoor lights, for 15-30 minutes or more each day, usually in the morning. Exposure to the bright light decreases melatonin and increases serotonin in the blood. This is known to have therapeutic effects on mood, sleep patterns, and over-all health and well being.

No more invasive than your average table lamp, users can study, read mail or magazines, or even apply makeup—easily multi-tasking—while undergoing light therapy.

As light therapy’s advantages become more popularly known, NatureBright expects to serve a wider audience with its designer lights. Winter blues or not, we could all use a little more good cheer.

With the holidays just around the corner, consumers might consider the Inspiration Table Lamp or BioClock™ Portable Light Therapy System as lasting gifts of health and well-being for friends or family. The Inspiration is on sale for $169.95 plus shipping and handling through Dec. 31, 2005. The BioClock™ is available for $189.95 plus shipping and handling. Visit for more information.

About NatureBright: Founded in 2001, NatureBright specializes in LED-based home health and beauty care products. Originally aimed at the treatment of SAD and winter blues, NatureBright products now also assist individuals with mood and cognitive problems, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), post-partum depression, jet lag, shift work fatigue, and certain types of insomnia. Our mission is to bring safe, effective, and innovative products to market and help people lead happier and healthier lives.


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