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Irvine, CA – May 12, 2005 -- Nature Bright Company specializes in energy-efficient lighting products and health-related applications in the U.S. and the world. Amongst our most recent innovations is the NatureBright® Inspiration™ LED Lamp, which was developed in early 2004 and started to introduce it to the mass market in July of 2004. Our goal is to let people return to the wisdom of rising with the sun, just as nature intended, and begin a day more refreshed and less "alarmed."  Conventional buzzers, beeps and radio in the early morning disrupt the biological clock, which controls the sleep-wake cycle. Long term disturbance to the sleep-wake cycle may cause many circadian rhythm problems such as jet lag, shift work fatigue, delayed sleep phase syndrome and advanced sleep wake syndrome. NatureBright® Inspiration™ LED Lamp was invented to provide an ultimate solution for these problems.

Moreover, its uncommon design transforms a therapeutic light therapy device into a stylish table lamp by means of high-tech LED technology and helps many SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) users to preserve their privacy at home or in the office. The bright white LEDs of NatureBright® Inspiration™ LED Lamp emit light that is brighter and more focused than any incandescent or fluorescent lights. In addition, because of its swivel arm and pivot head which enables the lamp to be fully adjustable, you can receive light therapy upon waking while lying in bed. The NatureBright® Inspiration™ LED Lamp also has a built-in digital alarm clock with a back-up alarm sound simulating cheerful bird singing. By programming, the dawn simulator function turns on at dimmest and gradually increases the brightness during the set advanced dawn time.

During the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago, IL from March 20-22 of 2005, the company makes its show debut with NatureBright® Koolight™ LED task lamp with alarm clock. HFN/March 21, 2005 - as a first-time exhibitor at this show, this innovative lamp was geared to the youth market, that features white LED engines. Other than the built-in sunrise alarm clock that can simulate a pleasant “summer dawn”, for those who have trouble waking, it also comes with a sunset simulator to assist in falling asleep. Just as the company CEO, Joshua Chen reckons; “Since one of the symptoms of SAD can be difficulty awakening in the morning, some find it helpful to have the light turn on just before they are supposed to wake up. Some individuals like to use a Dawn Simulator. This is a bright light that is programmed to gradually increase its intensity such that it reaches its full intensity a set period before the individual is scheduled to awaken. Although it is less gentle, some people will put their light box beside their bed and hook it up to a timer set to turn on shortly before awakening.”

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