Revolutionary anti-jetlag program for Dutch Gymnastics teams

In the run up to the World Championships Gymnastics in Nanning China, The Dutch National women's and men gymnastics teams followed a special program to counteract the negative effects of jetlag. This program brings about that, prior to the trip, the sleep /wake schedule is adjusted to the rhythm in China. Jetlag seems harmless, but disrupts sleep and causes loss of shape and performance. Furthermore jetlag is disastrous for concentration and alertness, cognitive functions that are of the utmost importance in gymnastics. By using the so-called Chrono Performance Management CPM program, jetlag reduces to zero and asks for less or even no sleep medication. This is an important contribution in optimizing the performance of the Dutch Gymnastics. Coach Gerben Wiersma is very satisfied with the cooperation with the Tilburg research company Flux Plus that developed the program.
Chrono Performance Management CPM is developed by Toine Schoutens who counseled many Olympic athletes traveling to distant destinations. He advised the skaters, swimmers, cyclists, rowers and the Dutch national soccer team how to fight jetlag and improve performance at the place of destination. The CPM program brings the athletes in the rythm of the destination prior to the trip by shifting the sleep /wake rhythm an hour per day during 5 days before the journey. This is done by a combination of Square One LED light therapy, sleep /wake- guidance and dietary measures that support sleep. With the shifting of the sleep/wake rythm, the entire training program shifts as well. Schoutens indicates the method needs further development to make it more customer friendly and therefore effective. The conventional light therapy for example is a rather dull technique that asks people to sit behind a light device for 30 minutes, with timing being a very important aspect of the therapy. By using intelligent software technologies and wearable devices, the method can be further optimized. Besides sport CPM is also used in aviation, healthcare and in control rooms.

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