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Per2 LED Daylight Lamp
Tune your body clock all day long

Even on winter’s darkest day, the Per2 LED Daylight Lamp will wake you gently with a dawn simulation designed to give you a bright start. Then, it will illuminate the rest of the day while subtly correcting your body’s inner clock. With regular use, it will adjust your circadian rhythm to energize you in the morning and calm you in the evening.

  1. High performance LED reading and ambient lamp
  2. Modern, adjustable design
  3. Intense clarity
  4. Simulates natural daylight rhythm from dusk to dawn
  5. Digital alarm clock
  6. Brightness adjustable from 500 lm to 1000 lm
  7. Color rendering index (CRI) 80
  8. Life span up to 50,000 hours
  9. Saves up to 90% electricity

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A living light for your living space

Equipped with a range of color temperatures that naturally mimic daylight’s progression from dawn to dusk, the Per2 LED Daylight Lamp recalibrates your internal clock, rain or shine.

The Per2 LED Daylight Lamp is the first natural daylight propeller on the market. Developed in lighting research and sleep labs, it not only gives off the color and feel of natural light for morning, afternoon, and evening, it also comes with a timer that you can program as your alarm clock for a gradual light-enhanced wake-up.

Every time your body is exposed to its light, its LEDs interact with your body’s inner clock for better concentration, energy and mood.

Not only can this lamp be used for general lighting, it is also the least-invasive approach for improving your overall well-being.

  • Resets body’s circadian rhythm
  • Enhances productivity and energy levels
  • Promotes concentration and learning skills
  • Easy on the eyes
Model Number: L6060
Lamp base:4.5 inches square
Lamp arm:12 inches long
Weight: 3.75 lbs.
The LED array (surface) consists of 6 high-power LEDs in 3 rows
Different color temperature settings:6500 K morning light from 5am-1pm
4000 K afternoon light from 1pm to 9pm
2700 K evening light from 9pm to 5am