The sun defines our day. Literally. Our bodies have evolved to follow the sun’s cues. When we’re in sync, life is better.

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  • Sunlight and Us

    Long before civilizations looked to the sun to tell time, our bodies had learned to sleep and work according to its light. We rose when we could see, and slept when we couldn’t. It sounds intuitive but foreign today, right?

    These days, modern life can easily outpace our bodies’ natural routines. When we have to ‘burn the midnight oil,’ we can simply flip a switch. That’s great for deadlines, but hard on the body.

    Move over Rods and Cones: In 2002, a new receptor in the eye was identified as the body’s control center for our internal clocks.   Read the new study.

    Biorhythms In Action

    When the eye's retinal receptor senses blue light, it sends signals to the area of the brain that regulates both our body’s physical and emotive functions.
    • 5:00 AM - 5:00 AM

      Daylight tells the brain to jump-start and activate our body. We feel energized and concentrate well.

    Wrong light at the wrong time of day

    Insufficient light exposure may cause disruptions in your circadian rhythms, as you don’t get the cues you need to keep your body clock in sync. You may experience:

    • Restlessness during sleep
    • Foggy thinking
    • Potential for unhealthy eating

    SkyEffect™ Technology

    Light, the way nature intended

    Designed in collaboration with Duke University, our SkyEffect™ Technology emits an optimized amount of blue light to enhance your body’s natural vigor.

    By simulating natural daylight, our technology helps the body clock to synchronize with the day. In the morning, it sends a strong signal to meet the day. In the afternoon and evening, it helps us wind down.

    1. Blue Light
    2. Sunrise

    In the morning, high concentrations of blue light occur naturally, telling the brain that it’s morning and time to greet the day, and setting our body clock for the day.

    1. Other Light
    2. Mid-day

    As the blue fades from the day’s light, our bodies’ rhythms slow. The office-classic after-lunch lull settles in.

    1. Soft Light
    2. Sunset

    By dusk, all naturally occurring blue light has disappeared. When the internal signals of the body clock are in sync with external cues of day and night, our bodies prepare for rest.

    Your Body Clock’s Regulator: Your Eyes

    A discovery in 2002 revealed a third type of receptor in the human eye (in addition to rods and cones). This receptor, sensitive to light frequencies and light wavelengths, keeps our internal body clock in sync. Sending light signals to this receptor re-calibrates our body clock for a natural progression to be ready to rest

    • [Use ‘doctor testimony video’ on the SunTouch Plus product page]
    • Upload [Medical University of South Carolina (Dawn Simulation Study Per3 & Per2).pptx]
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    Bright light. Brighter future

    If you want a natural way to enhance mood and rest, light therapy might be just what you need. Our clinically proven products will keep your body’s clock in time with your lifestyle.

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