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When You're Feeling SAD

Not in your nature to be down in the dumps? Are you usually a bubbly, "up" kind of person? Perhaps your spirit is willing but your body is struggling — against that depressing gray gloom right outside your door?

We're not going to pronounce a diagnosis here. But, odds are, you are one of 6% of Americans suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. Whether you have this or some other form of "winter blues," experience has shown us that some version of SAD light from Nature Bright will help you regain your emotional balance.

Don't be too hung up on common wisdom either. Though the incidence of SAD increases along with the distance from equator and summer, you don't have to live in Seattle in winter to qualify. If you feel wonky, you are probably an idea candidate for our bright light therapy™.


Quick Facts on SAD released by Mental Health America

bullet 3 out of 4 people who suffer from SAD are women.
bullet The primary age group for the onset of SAD is 18-30.
bullet SAD is generally found in the far northern and far southern hemispheres, and far less frequent among those who live within 30 degrees latitude of the equator.

winter-bluesAccording to experts, the key to beating the winter blues is to use a 10,000-lux product such as our SunTouch Plus, and use it regularly. It's estimated that if you follow the guidelines, at least 80% of your symptoms could disappear. Light therapy is most effective when timed to fit your own circadian rhythm, ideally starting about eight hours — an average night's sleep — after your pineal gland starts secreting melatonin.

Calculating your own melatonin onset point is not too hard: If you're a midnight owl, 8 a.m. would be an ideal starting point for your daily dose of illumination. If you're an early bird, you might want to station yourself by your Nature Bright at 6 or so. You should start to see your winter blues lift in as few as three days. The key is consistency, just like with exercise — or taking medicine, for that matter.

It's hard to describe how it feels to be your old self again. One customer puts it like this: "It was like I was a pet bird and my owner put a sheet over my cage to sleep. Only she never took off the sheet. Then I started using Nature Bright every morning. Now it's like the sheet has come off, the sun is out again, and I want to sing all the time!"