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Outdoors Is In … Thanks to Our Sky Effect™ Technology

It wasn't so long ago, if you wanted to enjoy the effect of a bright blue sky, on demand and with regularity, you had to book a ticket for the tropics. Hardly an unappealing idea, but for most people (with pesky things like families, jobs, homes, responsibilities) not exactly practical. Now, thanks to Nature Bright's latest scientific light therapy breakthrough, all you have to turn is turn on the light.

By harnessing the healing powers of the blue sky — Nature Bright's gold standard — Sky Effect™ technology produces a prescription strength light — an optimized amount of blue light rated at 17,000 degrees Kelvin. It's cool, safe, and comfortable. When you think about how many medical experts are recommending light therapy, it's hard to argue: This technology is just what the doctor ordered!colortemp

Okay, so studies have proven that our highly refined, clinically tested branch of light therapy works…but how does it work? The basic idea is that the eye's retinal receptor senses blue light and sends signals to the hypothalamus, that area of the brain where sleep and emotive functions are regulated. Extra blue light signals can help us get back on track if we're restless, nervous, or have just travelled across time zones.

This recently discovered receptor also affects the secretion of a hormone that is key to regulating our circadian rhythms: MELATONIN. When it senses darkness coming on, melatonin goes into production and signals to our body that it's time for sleep. It even dips our blood pressure. This could be why it is often referred to as the "hibernation hormone."

As you can imagine, daytime melatonin can present challenges, such as depressive disorders, irritability, moodiness, disorientation or energy drains. You certainly don't want to hibernate your day away! Almost everyone with a mood disorder suffers worse in the winter because of excess melatonin in his or her system.

NatureBright's bright light therapy™, which is light therapy that leverages their Sky Effect™ technology, does a spectacular job of suppressing melatonin - on schedule, even on dark days or when the body's clock seems to have a mind of its own. This fact has led many clinicians to use light to treat depression successfully. It often outperforms standard antidepressants.

When you think about how noninvasive this method of treatment is, you might want to call Sky Effect™ technology "no side-effect technology" instead!