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SunTouch Plus

The Nature Bright products and services have been excellent. I have used these lamps with multiple depressed patients and they have had very good responses.
- Dr. Alex Strauss

I have had winter SAD for a long time and if I knew the enormous difference this thing would have made I could have saved myself many seasons of suffering. Within a few days my mood has done a complete 180! I feel like “my old self” again! Thanks Naturebright your product has changed my life and I don’t ever want to go without it again.
- J. Bowley

I love this light! After just three weeks of use, I’m already sleeping better at night and my mood is much more positive. I recommend this lights use to everyone who thinks they could benefit from it. It is an excellent value as well. Many other lights cost much more, but this one is perfect for the benefits and features. It’s got it all! Seasonal Light Therapy Helps!
- D. A. Sturdevant - New Jersey

I moved from Virginia to Iowa in '06 and experienced SAD during my first winter here. It wasn't something that I recognized right away and by the time spring came, I was 30lbs heavier and suffering from moderate depression. After some extra warm weather exercise and a resolution to not let it happen to me again this year, I did some research on sunlight therapy and settled on this affordable NatureBright product.
- Customer from Des Moines, Iowa

This box of sunshine really makes you feel like you are sitting in the bright sunlight at the beach. Its easy to use just plug it in and set the timer and the light is so brilliant truly feels like the rays of sun. My winter blues are already lifting. Almost immediately my spirits were lifted and I have a smile on my face. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!
- J. M. Farago – Maryland, DC

With two young kids, sitting in front of this for 30 minutes is kind of hit and miss for me, but I will say, I have noticed a difference in my mood. This light has helped my mild depression and general blash due to the dreary gray rainy Seattle winter. It has also helped my husband who was having a hard time when we switched to daylight savings. It's fairly sturdy too. I've dropped it a couple of times and it didn't break.
- Dana K

I have had SAD or seasonal affective disorder for as long as I can remember but this year it seems to be substantially worse. I purchased this light box after hearing about it from friends and I must say it has worked wonderfully. I have more energy, less fatigue, and I feel like my old self. I do advise some caution as it can cause mania if used in excess.
- G. Aho

This is an excellent product. I moved to Michigan a few years ago and have been struggling with feeling down during winter. I had heard about the SAD light from friends, but now that I finally purchased one, I can truly see its positive effects. If you are like me and feel down during the winter because of the lack of Sun, I would highly recommend this product. It is well worth the money.
- Koorosh V.

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light Therapy Model F40-40 is WONDERFUL! Within one session my husband and I felt a significant change in how we felt. We had been depressed for the past few months and nothing else seemed to work. Thank you NatureBright!
- Alyssa G.
Customer from

It has helped me a great deal. I am a therapist and recommend light therapy to a number of clients and decided to try it myself. The best advice I gave myself.
- Sheri L. H. - Zanesville, OH

I've used this product for over a month now. The effects have been startling. Within days I had more energy. It is also much easier to wake up in the morning. After a few weeks my mood has changed for the better. I use the Sun Touch+ every morning for 30 min, and run the ionizer whenever I'm home.
- Liz K. - Coos Bay, Oregon

The Light Therapy Model is a miracle. It has made a big difference in my life. As a disabled person, I get little or no sun at all year. This machine has made a big difference in my life and attitude. Thank you.
- M. L. Evans - Illinois

I looked at a few different sun lamps on Amazon and ended up with this one because the price was discounted… As for the ionizer, I have since learned that it is a great plus to the light itself; it's like having fresh air blowing at you. With the ionizer and the lamp on, I almost feel like I'm sitting outside on a sunny day. Shipping was prompt, and I'm very happy about the lamp. I'm not a morning person, but I find myself actually looking forward to going to work in the morning just so I can sit next to the lamp. I wasn't convinced when I bought the lamp that light therapy would actually counter my winter depression, but I'm a believer now. This lamp has certainly worked well for me.
- Cay - Portland, OR

This product has made a big difference. When I use it approx 30 minutes each morning, it warms my face and gives me a special “lift” that helps get me through a busy day. Even though I purchased it late in the winter season, it has helped to improve my general mood and energy level without drugs or caffeine. Before resorting to seeing a physician for seasonal depression, try this first. You may not need those pills!!!
- Jen from North Dakota
Customer from

I use it every day for 15-30 minutes. I especially like the negative ions feature, which is refreshing in addition to the light. This model emits 10,000 lux. Bulbs are replaceable, but may last 2 years. You don't need to stare at the light; they recommend glance at it occasionally, so I use this while working at the computer in the morning--checking email, eating breakfast, etc. They say the benefit of the light goes through the retina of the eye for hormonal balance, not through the skin. Does not cause sunburn. Overall, I am very happy with this product.
- Athena from Minneapolis, MN