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Golden Years, Golden Light?


Feeling down these days? Kids have flown the coop, knees are a little creaky, wrinkles are less shy… But don't despair. Look at the effects of the years in a different light - bright light therapy from Nature Bright. And you'll understand: this could be the best time of your life.

The real culprit in the battle to stay happy is most likely a biological one. That's good news for those of you who are used to feeling balanced and able to meet the obstacles life throws at you with equanimity.

Here's why:

With aging, photoreception declines. Which means, along with the normal routine of older folks spending less quality time outdoors in the presence of bright environmental light, your circadian rhythms are not getting the clues they need to keep your body and its clock in sync.

These factors can manifest themselves, pure and simple, as DEPRESSION. And the solution is, in many cases, just as pure and simple: Marshal the forces unleashed by light therapy products such as our SunTouch Plus prescription-strength light or our Square, the world first portable Wake-Up Light powered by LEDs.

Start your next vacation by cruising around the web: You'll discover many enlightening studies on the subject of light therapy in the empty nester years. Such as this one tagged in the Archives of General Psychiatry and summed up by the New York Times:

"In elderly patients with Major Depressive Disorder, Bright Light Treatment improved mood, enhanced sleep efficiency, and increased the upslope melatonin level gradient. In addition, BLT produced continuing improvement in mood and an attenuation of cortisol hyperexcretion after discontinuation of treatment."