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Serving Science, Shedding Light

Dr. Chris Idzikowski, Our Senior Advisor dr_chris_2

Sometimes listening to a scientist expound on and on about a pet theory has the effect of putting you to sleep. In the case of Dr. Idzikowski, that would be the greatest compliment of all. You see, this renowned doctor is the esteemed Director at the Edinburgh Sleep Centre and the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service. His study on sleep has led him to many discoveries in the fields of light therapy and SAD. He has helped us understand the importance of the human brain’s biological clock that orchestrated our 24-hour rhythms and integrate them into the refinement and development of our products.

Chris earned his PhD working with Emeritus Professor Ian Oswald, the UK's founding father of sleep research. He studied anxiety and fear in Cambridge (Medical Research Council) before setting up and running the Janssen Research Foundation's clinical pharmacology sleep laboratory in Oxford. From there he left to become Deputy Head of the Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit at the Robens Institute of Health and Safety, Surrey before setting up the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service. Chris helped found, and then served as Chairman of, the British Sleep Society.

Dr. Idzikowski has also sat on the boards of the Sleep Medicine Research Foundation, the European Sleep Research Society and the U.S Sleep Research Society. He was founding Chairman of the Royal Society of Medicine Forum on sleep and its disorders, and guided its transition to become the Sleep Medicine Section. He has held many honorary appointments. He has also contributed to various sleep-related charitable organizations, as well as publishing numerous papers and books on sleep, and maintaining a web presence ( He recently recorded a series of podcasts for British Airways and videos for VideoJug.

Most importantly here at Nature Bright is the inspirational value of his presence. When he walks into our offices, whether with the latest information from the front or just an encouraging word for his colleagues, he lights up the room.

Professor Lori Brown, Western Michigan University Professor Lori Brown

Lori Brown is a Professor and Research Scientist at Western Michigan University, College of Aviation. She is an airline transport pilot, specializing in Aviation Human Factors. She has trained International pilots as well as pilots from government agencies. Her research interests include decreasing fatigue in aviation and its associated errors to improve transportation safety, and the effect of light in educational settings.

Her research includes investigations of the acute alerting effects of light on transportation shift workers, such as pilots and flight attendants. These studies have led to the development of novel therapeutic strategies using light therapy as a countermeasure to mitigate fatigue and improve alertness in flight crew operations. Her work includes the development of interventions that reduce fatigue and performance errors in flight crew, and the implementation of light effect centered fatigue risk management systems.  Her work investigates the efficacy of blue light therapy to improve behavioral alertness used in occupational fatigue management programs internationally.

Her recent study ‘The Effect of Blue Light on Flight Crew-Members Behavorial Alertness’ funded by Western Michigan University, revealed that light intervention had  significant effect on alertness, psychomotor vigilance, self -assessed sleepiness and fatigue levels in the occupational setting.

“Lighting profoundly affects levels of human functioning such as vision, circadian rhythms, mood, alertness, and cognition; therefore it is crucial that we continue to understand its implicit effects on occupational performance, and learning in the educational setting.”