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Energize Your Office energizing-light

Of all the motivational tools available to today’s businesses, perhaps none is more brilliant than our Sky Effectindustrial lighting. It makes a dull day shine, and a sunny day positively radiate with possibility! It’s like packing the power of an inspirational speaker, big promotion, and holiday bonus into a light bulb. Actually, into our T5 Fluorescent Lamp.

Will our office-grade version of light therapy transform your workplace ambience overnight? Probably not, but ask us if it will transform your morning, noon, and afternoon, and we will say, “Absolutely.” The 9-5 daylight hours are when most of us are ensconced in our cubicles and offices, and subject to the whims of random office lighting: incandescent, standard fluorescent, reflected sunlight three- or four-times removed, and even a candle or two.

Nature Bright believes that you should leave nothing to chance, least of all your biological clock. Our lights turn chance into science. Our products mean productivity. They employ a blue spectrum light — the one that has ben proven to have the greatest positive effect on our body clock — that is nearly 100% absent from conventional indoor lighting.

In a recent study by Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation, students reported favorable experiences when attending lectures illumined by Sky Effect™ lights, which actually simulated the frequencies of a clear day with a bright blue sky. Perhaps they thought their increased levels of comfort, alertness, and mood were due simply to brightness. The researchers knew better. They knew that while students learned, their body clocks were being subtly reset…to the way that nature intended!

So will fitting your office with Sky Effectindustrial lighting reverse the prevalence of the “post-lunch dip,” serial procrastination, attention lapses and office griping? Don’t be surprised if that’s exactly what it does.