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Sky Effect Light
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NatureBright - Leader in Light Therapy Technology since 2003

Sky Effect Light

What if you could boost productivity just by flipping a switch?

Think of a T-6 office as "Light Therapy Lite" —

  • Even tired or unfocused employees get to bask in the glow of our energizing, patented Sky Effect™ lighting.
  • Even at their workstations, they get to enjoy the healing power of the world outside.
  • Even in an office without a window, their brains and bodies can absorb light that will help restore energy, and bring equilibrium to their alertness, concentration, and performance.

It's an office manager's dream!

We all know the image of the light bulb going on over our head when we get an idea. Imagine what it's like when Nature Bright's T-6 lamps go on over your head.

When you get to operate at full strength, and do the great job you know you are capable of doing.

When… you get your nature back.

T-6 lamps are industrial-strength all the way, not just a supersized version of our regular light therapy lamps. They provide a broad spectrum of important light frequencies, and are specially designed for office and factory use. More than anything, the light is pleasant and easy on the eyes.

Look for a noticeable increase in smiles on your next quarterly report!


Case contains 48 T-6 bulbs
✽ Bulb Length – 48 inches
✽ Energy used - 32 Watts
✽ Light Output - 2800 lumens
✽ Life - 10,000 hours
✽ Color Temperature - 17000 K
✽ Color Rendering Index - 90
✽ Use with electronic ballasts only

Watch the video to learn more!


Model #: F8061332