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Bright Light. Brighter Future.

Nature Bright was founded not so long ago by conventional stretch
standards — in 2001. But, since we create light therapy products, doesn't it seem appropriate that we have grown at the speed of light?

With a famous blue light (SunTouch Plus, modeled after the sky) and a dedicated green office (producing products that care for the Earth), we have helped many thousands of people, in times of temporary stress, sadness, disequilibrium and fatigue, find their true colors again.

Nature Bright is based in Irvine, California and the motto, "Bright Light, Brighter Future," overlooking our desks and conference rooms reminds us of our mission.

Some people think it's a natural place to ply our trade, as we deliver brilliant light therapy solutions to the world, what with our proximity to the celebrated sun-soaked beaches. But lest you think we don't empathize, remember: Southern California is home to June Gloom, the summer cloud layer which can range from a few hundred to several thousand feet thick.

Our offices are filled with Nature Bright light therapy products and we use them!