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Leading — and Lighting — the Way

Some companies strive to offer you the widest breadth of technology, from audio to video, digital to analog, and back again. Not us. We’re specialists. Light masters, serving the body’s clock and syncing its circadian rhythms with radiant science.

Light therapy brings the healing powers of the great outdoors, whose delivery is unpredictable, to the great indoors, which is within our control. Our passion and the pursuit of its constant evolution for the sake of our customers is why we get up in the morning (helped, of course, by our Square Wake-Up Light!).

Like the best inventors, we’re never satisfied. In only the first decade of the new millennium, we've already registered over a dozen patents worldwide, including the highly effective Sky Effect™ technology. As light therapy gains greater credibility with each new study, and each new generation of satisfied patients, we believe the demand for light therapy products will grow exponentially.about2

We plan to meet that demand with state-of-the-art innovations, showing the medical community that “light makes right” in arenas exceeding merely the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and the so-called "winter blues". Our light therapy products already have advanced to the point that they are treating people successfully for mood and cognitive problems, chronic fatigue, jet lag, sleeplessness, and restlessness.

Though we won't call light therapy a medicine-free miracle drug, or one of those magical cure-alls from the Wild West, its broad usefulness is becoming increasingly clear and a subject for study at the highest levels of laboratories and universities.

Accessibility to our customers is important to us, too: Nature Bright will remain devoted to creating and carrying light therapy products that are attractive and affordable — not only easy to use, but easy to choose as well.